Christmas In Olde York 2018 Bonus House

Bonus House – We are delighted to have this late edition to our tour!

Photograph courtesy of Karen Jones

Address:  219 East Liberty Street, York, SC 29745
Dates Built: circa 1795–circa 1858
Style: Greek Revival

Architectural Description: This two-story clapboard residence has a low side-gabled roof and nine-over-nine windows. The house features a full-façade porch with a recessed transom light and sidelights around the door on each floor.

History: This house may be one of the oldest in York. It is one of three with origins as early as the 1700s, but precise dates are unknown. The house was built in three major stages. The core of the house built circa 1795 had a square floor plan and central chimney. The original cut-stone foundation pillars are still in place. The chimney was removed, but the foundation remains. In the second 1840s stage, the floor plan took on today’s rectangular shape. At that time several rooms were added to the front of the house. The floor frame is the original hand-hewn chestnut and pit-sawn pine log beams. Finally, William D. Miller added the Greek Revival porch circa 1858. Less visible improvements in the 1920s included a kitchen with modern flooring. Vern and Denise Eakin have completed major restorations.