13–15 North Congress Street

Photograph courtesy of Wanda Fowler, August 2015

J. S. and W. B. Moore Block is the finest Classical Revival building on North Congress Street, built in 1821. It is a three-bay block building with two stores downstairs and a 4200-square foot upstairs residence and halls. At times only half of the second floor was a residence. The other half served as a photographer studio, medical and attorney offices, hand printers, men’s clothing, or telephone switchboards. The first floor was York Drugs (1850s), J. W. Avery Dry Goods (1860s), Lowry & Starr Drugs (1880s), Shieder Drugs (1940s), and Cato’s (1950s). Major restoration was by William and Pamela Perkins in the 1990s. Further improvements were by your host Patricia Leather. The residence plus Lion Art and the Regeneration Church on the first floor are open for your visit.

This wonderful property is for sale. See this flyer for more information.