Yorkville Historical Society

2016 Meeting Dates:

June 30          7:30pm  90th Birthday celebration for Anne Allison

July 28           7:00pm  Special Presentations by the Culture & Heritage Museums

August           No Meeting – Enjoy Summerfest on Saturday August 27

September 29

October 27

November 17

December    No Meeting – Merry Christmas – Join us in January for our Banquet

If you would like an email reminder of our meetings email Debora Hutchins at dhutchins@bellsouth.net.


Genesis of York


Available at the Greater York Chamber of Commerce, Historical Center of York County, and at the Yorkville Historical Society meetings. Call 803.684.2590 or 803.818.6761 for more information.

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  1. Nathania A. Branch Miles says:

    I am searching for information on my maternal grandmother, Alberta Good (02/02/1898) and her parents, Ulysses and Anne Good. Ulysses was born in York County (1876) near Broad Creek. My grandmother states that she was born in Yorkville and I believe that her parents were either married there or in Chester County. Any information on birth records, marriage and death records would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR TIME AND ASSISTANCE.

  2. Heather Riggins says:

    I have inherited a book “Wilkes Family History and Genealogy
    Thomas Wilkes (ea. 1735-1809) and his Descendants” by Ivan Ernest Bass” 1965. Is this a book you would be interested in?


    Heather Riggins
    Princeville, HI

    • enrightd says:

      We do not have a physical location of our own and do not collect any type of books or historical artifacts. We refer people to the Historical Center of York County which is a part of the Cultures & Heritage Museums.

      Call 803.684.3948 and speak to Nancy Sambets, the Director of Archives, and she if they are interested in the book. If they do not already have the book I am sure they would probably be interested.

  3. Lori Brandon Crenshaw says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Tour of Homes! We did not have enough time to get to Arts on Broad. Is there any local artwork for sale now that the tour is over? If so, when and where? Would love to take a look. Thank you!

    • enrightd says:

      I am not sure about the artists in York. I know there are some downtown on North Congress Street. You might also check out Sandy Brindle’s art work in Sharon, SC.

    • Rena D Strawhorn says:

      Thank You soooo much for your comments on the Christmas Tour. Dale Barattini is the artist who had her signs displayed during the tour this year. Her number is 1-803-627-1476.

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